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About Toolbox co.



The Toolbox Company is able to provide the largest range of tool boxes with something to suit every requirement. Australian made aluminium toolboxes that come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit every application, if you can not find it on this site, we have not uploaded the details yet. Three separate box ranges contribute to the Toolbox Company's ability to provide this huge range, CheckerMate, WorkHard and UteSafe, each the best in class. Having made boxes in Australia and supplied to the local market over the last 15 years, our goal is to provide you the confidence to select a box from the product range that best conforms to your requirements.


CheckerMate (R) is generally the economical first choice, the brand with the lightest range of boxes, designed to meet the minimum requirement and not break the bank. CheckerMate boxes look good and offer the practical first choice for when you want your box to be Australian Made and not a cheap import.


WorkHard (R) is the Australian Industry Standard, the brand with the largest growing range. This range of boxes protects your tools and your generator or fridge. New designs are created every month and whether you are travelling by caravan, working from your vehicle or a fleet manager, a WorkHard box provides the best compromise of value for money.


Ute Safe(R) is the Premium box range that has been tailored to meet the most demanding specifications. Designs are without compromise and the detail of each box is without equal in the Australian marketplace. Ute Safe boxes will generally last a lifetime and are the best option if you have already experienced a disaster or two and are ready to invest in the best.


Whichever choice you make, THE TOOLBOX COMPANY is here to provide handy access to these three brands in one handy location. We hope that we can make the task a little easier for you and that you can find the solution that best fits your need but if you believe that we could improve this site in any way and you would care to make a suggestion, feel free to contact us at